Useful Tips for Fog up Chasing Vaping Sport


As vaping electronic cigarette pencils has gained huge popularity, a competitive vaping sport too has become famous. The adventure is called fog up chasing.

So what exactly is fog up chasing?

Fog up chasing, also known as stunt vaping, is actually an extreme vaping activity in which users produce large confuses of watery vapor using an electronic cigarette pencil. Fog up chasing is a fun, recreational activity that first began in the Western side Shoreline of the US.

This sport has become so popular that competitive events and competitions are held in the united states and fog up chasing enthusiasts participate in the adventure to generate the biggest, mind-boggling watery vapor confuses. The whole function of the game is to see who can produce the densest, massive watery vapor confuses humanly possible. Users or vapers who blow massive confuses of watery vapor are known as cloud-chasers.

As more and more people are switching to vaping and many are keen on fog up chasing, let’s have a look at some of the useful tips for vapers who wish to produce massive confuses:

Battery device

If you want to breathe out serious, massive fog up watery vapor, you will need a powerful battery to power your electronic cigarette device. How well you are able to produce large confuses of watery vapor depends a lot upon your battery. After all the battery should be sturdy enough to handle the load you will be putting on it Vape Hong Kong. The more powerful your battery is, outstanding your fog up chasing performance will be. If your battery is not powerful enough, it can even explode. Use the safest possible battery. It is best to do good research and use a device which features high wattage battery.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) relation in e-liquid

All e-liquids produce confuses. However if you are looking for an hookah flavor that creates larger plumes of watery vapor, you need to look for an e-juice that has VG (Vegetable Glycerin) relation of over 75%. Organic glycerin is thicker in nature, hence e-juices with higher VG relation produce huge confuses of watery vapor. In other words, the higher the VG content in your vape flavor, the thicker your watery vapor confuses will be.

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