The Increasing Demand of Android Development


Produced by Android Inc. and launched by Google, Android is an excellent mobile operating system. It is founded on Linux kernel and is written in many software languages frameworks including XML, Java/ Ajax, Flash, C, C++ etc. This allows Android OS (Operating System) to guide seamless applications and software’s. Undoubtedly, the necessity of android development was should really be an evident outcome.

Currently there are over 100,000 applications available in android market (an official online android application store supplied by Google). This accessibility to applications reflects the significant demand of android development. In reality, with the launch of Android OS on the market, software development companies (providing mobile app development) soon understand the potentiality of Android for supporting numerous applications, related to various industries and with various functionalities. decompile apk Additionally, Android OS is integrated with OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics API (Applications Programming Interface) which allows the android developers to produce rich 3D games as a part of android app development. Excluding the application languages and OpenGL engine Android OS supports and/ or is integrated various other technologies such as for example Flash Player 10.1, HTML5, Exchange ActiveSync, Motion Sensor, Accelerometer, Multitasking, Google Voice Search, gyroscopes, multi-touch and many more. A lot more, it’s continuously been updated by Google. Initially released with version 2.0/2.1 Éclair, it had been updated to 2.2 Froyo, 2.3/2.4 Gingerbread, 3.4 Honeycomb and with the upcoming version called “icecream.” This shows the constant growth of Android OS in such a short span of time.

For software development companies offering android app development services and even for android app developers, Google has provided a good Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which allows them to produce great apps and games for Android. The Android SDK primarily consists of HTML, XML, C, C++, Java/ Ajax, Flash, and other such languages frameworks. A pc software development company skilled on these languages will definitely get an add-on advantage. For newbies or personal users, Google has provided a platform called Android app inventor, which allows the non-technical user to produce his/ her very own personal apps without any support.

More importantly, android development is not merely restricted to mobile phone technology. Android OS is also readily available for tablet computer (tab). In reality, support of tab by Android OS extends its capability of supporting even better applications and software’s, all on a bigger display panel. This feature allows the entrepreneur to optimize and manage their business with better functionality. Taking the figures into account Android was the top-selling mobile phone OS of the entire year 2010. The quantity reflects its increasing demand and popularity in the global mobile market.

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