Sansure Biotech – Leading the way to better health

Sansure Biotech – Leading the way to better health


Imagine being able to get the proper diagnosis for a medical condition in just a few minutes. That’s what In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is all about, and it’s becoming increasingly available thanks to new technologies.

Who is Sansure?


Sansure Biotech Inc. is an in vitro diagnostic solution provider integrating diagnostic reagents, instruments, and independent clinic laboratory services with its innovative gene technology as its core. The company is committed to becoming a genetic technology provider. It is a National Demonstration Centre for the Application of Genetic Testing Technology and a National Joint Local Engineering Research Center for Genetic Diagnosis of Infection Diseases and Tumours.

What are Sansure Biotech’s mission and vision?


Sansure Biotech’s mission is to provide accessible and innovative genetic technologies, products, and services.


Sansure Biotech offers a variety of solutions that are designed to improve patient outcomes, including:

-Diagnostic tools that help physicians make accurate diagnoses


-Therapeutic solutions that help patients receive the best possible care


-Cloud-based services that allow patients to access their data from anywhere in the world


What can you expect else from their services?


-Solution of Molecular Laboratory

-Consulting of configuration design matching with hospital requirements

-Essential equipment and consumables to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations

-Establishment of diagnosis reagents qualification and verification management system

-Standard training and personnel ability assessment

-Consulting of laboratory qualification service

-Technical support and customer care




If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable in vitro diagnostics company, look no further than Sansure Biotech. They’ll help you get the most out of your treatments and improve your overall health!

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