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Celebrity movie star Kate Hudson and her fiance British rocker Matt Bellamy recently gave birth with their baby boy. The tabloids were ripe with speculation regarding the infant name the couple would choose for the newly arrived family member. After much deliberation, the couple chose the name “Bingham” or “Bing” for short much just like the search engine. Meanwhile, on an entirely different plain, celebrity football star David Beckham, who plays for Manchester United, and wife Victoria were busy naming their newly arrived baby daughter Harper Seven which sounds similar to a code to a key Gmail account when compared to a baby name. What’s it with the movers and shakers of our planet? Don’t they understand that the first thing their child is going to ask Dad and Mom when the “time cometh” is “what does my name mean?”

A Rich and Holy Tradition of Celebrity Baby Names

The practice of giving off-beat and unusual names to celebrity babies isn’t a recent trend by any stretch of the human imagination, A lot more than three decades ago, singer composer Frank Zappa shocked everyone by naming his daughter Moon Unit Zappa. Moon later spent my youth to be a mover and shaker in her own right with hits like Valley Girl and others. More recent examples include Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s elder brother, who named his baby Jermajesty, and actor, skateboarder and photographer, Jason Lee who named his baby Pilot Inspektor.

Probing questions like “what does my name mean” or “what does my last name mean” are obviously not limited to celebrity children. Even you have the right to know. Although whether or not your name has a meaning may do have more to do with your ethnic heritage and cultural background, it surely doesn’t hurt to either ask or research the problem because many baby name meanings aren’t obvious initially glance. In the Hindu naming tradition for instance, chances are about 99.5% that the name means something and might be produced from Sanskrit, India’s ancient language. On the other hand, its meaning might be known simply to those who are familiar with the language because, like Latin, Sanskrit isn’t used anywhere in India for conversational purposes.

Many Norman and Anglo-Saxon names haven’t any meaning and even when they do, the meaning may be much more legendary than derived through etymology. In China, baby names take on clearly defined meanings and often tend to reflect virtues and traits that are worthy of emulation. As is the case with baby names in these cultures, the names of babies can have religious connotations in several areas of the world thus assuming added significance.

Direct Response to the Million Dollar Baby Name Meaning Question

Let’s spring ahead for a minute in place of falling behind and assume that you are now a parent and have a young child who wakes up one fine morning and pops the question, Names Meanings “what does my name mean?” Your response should really be as natural as can be. it is most likely that you researched baby name meanings when you researched baby names for your son or daughter. For the reason that case the answer is going to be forthcoming instantly. If that’s not the case and given the remote possibility that you don’t know the meaning of one’s child’s name, simply buy time. Claim that you will need a day to develop your infant name’s meaning and share it the moment Almighty Google has shared it with you.

In any event, any questions relating to your baby’s name (after all a child is obviously a child irrespective of how old he or she is) such as for instance “what does my name mean” or “what does my last name mean” should really be addressed by you and your spouse accurately and in a regular fashion. If you have a story behind your baby’s name, share it. If you have a household connection with a great dad or grand mom, reveal it. Discussions about baby names once the kids are old enough to know is obviously productive and instills inside them not just a sense of confidence but also goes a considerable ways to simply help the household come closer and bond together.

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